A hell of an icon — usability, icon fonts, SVG & more

Icons are everywhere. These little pictures help us accomplish our everyday digital aims, may it be opening an app, expressing feelings (and saving keystrokes) with emojis or conveying meaning on websites. That’s why every frontend dev stumbles over integrating them, sooner or later. However, without proper thoughts and preparation, especially big applications can quickly turn into an icon hell.

In his panel, Hendrik Degener wants to show you the different techniques of integrating those hel(l)pful icons by building a themeable button for a Super Mario-inspired website. Alongside an animated SVG-based Yoshi icon, there will also be information on usability aspects and why icon fonts sometimes do not behave as expected.

Hendrik is a certified software architect working at Cofinpro AG. Having always been fascinated by human-machine interaction, he constantly aims to create the best possible user experience.

Cofinpro AG sponsored this event with a generous free food delivery to all participants’ homes during the online session!