SvelteKit — overview roundtrip with maintainers

Svelte is one of the emerging open-source web frameworks, it uses familiar concepts, is exceptionally accessible, and requires little code - both for writing components and for what ends up in the browser. With SvelteKit, there is now an official meta-framework, similar to Nuxt for Vue or NextJS for React. Routing, easy creation of forms that also work without JavaScript, and great flexibility in the types of apps that can be created and where they can be deployed are just some of the features you can expect. The whole thing is topped off with a great developer experience.

This talk gives an overview of the features of SvelteKit and show how Svelte and SvelteKit position themselves compared to other solutions in the JavaScript ecosystem. In the subsequent campfire talk with Simon Holthausen and Dominik Göpel from the Svelte maintainer team, they also take a look behind the scenes and answer questions in a relaxed setting.

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