Working remotely, but not lonely

In these crazy times, even if you’re already used to work from home, it’s a challenge to organize your work, stay focused but also connected to your colleagues. Nowadays, there are many tools available to support you with that. We invited Jessica to tell us about her experiences and we’re sure you’ll gain some tips and inspiration for your daily frontend work at home.

“I’ve been working fully remotely since over 6 months, in a team of over 120 people from more than 20 nations. With workshops, brainstormings and co-creation, without falling out of touch with colleagues and managers. I want to talk to you about how this is working in my company and what you can do to establish a remote-friendly culture in your workplace.”

Jessica Müller is a German designer working in UX at Grafana Labs. Music, photography, zero waste, movie (and general) nerd, lover of life & people. She/her.

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